Dell Mini 10

dell mini 10

Okay, here is something for netbook-lovers out there. Dell is going to release a new netbook, the Dell Mini 10. This netbook is a part of Dell’s E series, falling in line with the Mini 9 and Mini 12. Ironically, this netbook is not a netbook at all. That is because it is not run by an Intel Atom processor. But what it is, Dell is yet to announce.

The Dell Mini 10 is also dubbed the Adamo, which is the Latin for "to fall in love with". Cool, huh? True, this device catches the cool bug because of the fact that Dell has been focusing on the industrial design of the netbook itself. By using the best-of-the-best when it comes to materials, Dell provides an assurance that we will get the best of it in terms of performance.

With expectations in the rise, this sleek, thin and black gadget is definitely worth every anticipation. We believe that all it needs is a good amount of patience. As this is yet to be launched, you can visit if you want some more information on the Dell Mini 10.

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