Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Equipped with Blu-ray

Dell inspiration 1525

Always an innovator in computer products, Dell recently introduced a line of laptops that are not only can play high-definition videos from Blu-Ray discs but are also unbelievably affordable. Starting at $499 before taxes, the Dell Inspiron 1525 comes with an optional Blu-ray drive. Add the 15.4-inch high def screen with 720p resolution and you can still afford this laptop at $929.

For those who have under the DVD rock for some time, Blu-ray is the latest in storage media technology that offers the advantage of about six times the data capacity of a standard DVD. The Blu-ray drive is also backwards compatible, meaning it can also play DVDs and CDs as well.

Dell Inspiron 1525 laptops incorporate Broadcom Media PC technology that allows PCs with integrated graphics to play high-definition videos without the usual snags and hang-ups. This advancement in video playback is achieved with the help of a built-in accelerator located in the mini-card slot.

Other amazing features include WiFi connectivity, advanced antenna design, dual headphone jacks, dual digital microphones, and a multiple card reader. The Inspiron is available in a wide range of colors from Sunshine Yellow to Midnight Blue, and even in multiple design patterns that would definitely suit whatever lifestyle you have.

With all these advanced features and still pay under $1000, you must be getting more than your money’s worth. Available at

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