Dell Froot Design Concept Turns All-in-One PCs into just one

Dell Froot Concept

All-in-one PCs are ironies, if you ask me.  Sure, the CPU tower is gone and incorporated into the monitor, but you still have the keyboard and mouse.  So that makes "all-in-three," doesn’t it?

Pauline Carlos thought about the same thing and her concept for Dell’s sustainable design contest makes all-in-one computers into just that:  A single piece of equipment.

The Dell Froot concept may look a bit odd at first, but it contains a virtual keyboard, a pico projector that replaces the monitor, a biodegradable body, and Windows XP.  It also features a slot-loading optical drive.

I think it’s a cool concept.  Several tech bloggers may not like the idea of having a pico projector as a display because it would replace those awesome LED screen panels, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

Image source:  Behance Network

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