Dell Developing an Android-Based Mobile Internet Device

The people at Dell are up to something, according to some sources.  They say Dell’s engineers have been developing a Mobile Internet Device (or MID) that runs on Google’s Android software.  The early prototypes are described as slightly larger than an iPod Touch.

Sources say that Dell may begin selling the device during the second half of the year, although we should expect the plan be delayed or scrapped completely.  Either way, it shows that Dell is attempting to test the waters of the MID industry, which is practically new to them.  The interesting twist to this "developing story" is that although Dell has a long history with Intel, the company plans on using ARM as the processor of choice for its MID’s. 

As for its planned release of data-enabled phones, such as the one on the photo, Dell plans on selling it through different networks like what they are doing with their 3G-equipped netbooks.

A Dell spokesman declined to comment regarding the matter.

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