Defender Android Game App

Tower defense games have become quite popular as more and more game apps are being developed for people to play. But they essentially come with the same type of game play- protecting the tower against any invading army. It is just how the newer game apps are being presented that can make the game apps more appealing to gamers. The Defender Android game app is one of them.

The Defender Android game app is like a classic tower defense game that comes with attractive visuals but with simple and yet fun game play. Different types of invaders try to get near the castle gates and it is the player’s mission to keep them at bay by shooting arrows at them. Players can also use spells to prevent multiple invaders from getting near the tower walls but can only be used on a certain time frame. Players can get upgrades to fortify the walls, increase weapon damage or make the spells more potent. But along the way, the invaders get stronger and stronger as well as the level goes higher. The Defender Android game app is a simple yet fun tower defense game to play with. It is available at Google Play

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