Death Dome iOS Game App

Battle games seem to have gotten even more interesting in the sense that better graphics make them very visually appealing to play. The game play also has improved in leaps and bounds, taking advantage of controls that only a touchscreen can offer. That is why games such as the Death Dome iOS game app have flourished.

The Death Dome iOS game app takes advantage of better graphics to make the game more enticing to play. The adventure is also just as engaging as players play the character known as Phoenix who engages in battle among the many behemoths that are left in the city after the mysterious M virus ravaged the city of Palamira. The dangerous mutations that followed led to the city being quarantined in a bio-dome force field that prevented anyone from going in or going out of the city. Hence the name, Death Dome.

Phoenix takes the lead in trying to slay the behemoths in the city in the hopes that the Death Dome will be dismantled. Phoenix has to face larger than life monsters and slay them before it slays her. Along the way, the character gathers experience points as well as loot that can be used in battle. Gameplay is similar to the likes of Infinity Blade, which makes it quite engaging to play. There are also elemental weapons and armor that players can use to exploit enemy weaknesses. The Death Dome iOS game app is available at the App Store for free download.

Image Source: App Store

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