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Dead Trigger Android Game App

It seems that everything about zombies is becoming quite popular nowadays. From movies, TV shows to games, zombies have become the center of attention that gets people to either watch or play them for entertainment. And when it comes to game apps, zombie games are one of those most awaited. One just recently came out in the form of the Dead Trigger Android game app.

The Dead Trigger Android game app is something for those who want to get into their own personal zombie fix. It is a game where the character has to survive a world full of zombies. This is a FPS (first person shooter) game app where killing all those zombies coming at you is the norm. The player gets into missions where objectives need to be achieved in order to clear. There can be random missions as well as a storyline that players can follow.

Controls for the Dead Trigger game app is fairly easy to understand as virtual buttons on the screen. Players can earn money either by saving them up after accomplishing missions or having in-app purchases. Money can then be used to buy upgrades such as new weapons as well as other items that might help you survive. Dead Trigger also comes with clear 3D environment and characters as well as great ragdoll effects on the zombie characters. When playing Dead Trigger, players may notice that it is something that one might be playing on a game console or the computer, based on its stunning graphics and animation alone. But this game app may be something that is ideal for mature players only based on the violence it contains. This new Android game app is now available at the Google Play for a $1 download.

Image Source: Google Play

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