Dattch: Dating App for Lesbians

Gay and bisexual men have a lot of niche-oriented dating apps to choose from, such as Grindr and Hornet. Their female counterparts, however, do not have that liberty. They end up on dating apps for straight people or on “lesbian versions” of gay men dating apps that do serve the intended community.

A London-based developer has been working on an iOS app that caters solely for lesbians and bisexual women who are looking for fellow butches and femmes to meet up and hook up. Dattch, which is free to download on iTunes, is currently on beta stage and requires an invitation before registering.

And it seems that it will stay that way for a long time. Robyn Exton, the app’s founder, admits that the biggest problem she encountered is the amount of fake profiles put up by straight men.

“Daily, we have about five guys registering for an invite and it’s unsubstantiated but the emails have a guy’s name on them. We’ve seen fake Facebook accounts set up to try and get invites,” Exton tells The Next Web. “The fact that people will go to that extent to try and check out gay women or convert them or meet up with them.”

Dattch verifies profiles manually, so users can be assured that the person they see on the profile is at least female. Each profile is linked to the person’s Facebook account, which is checked out to see if the applicant is female and if their profiles are well-established.

Exton assures that the person’s Facebook link remains discreet. Although it would have been a fine world if gays women are out and proud, she is aware that not everyone wants to be identified by their sexuality. She adds that the Facebook verification process is only conducted to make sure if users are female.

Like other mobile dating apps, Dattch lets its users know about other women looking for dates in their area. The app is currently focused on London, but Exton plans to expand the coverage overseas, as well as a premium version if Dattch becomes a success.

Source: The Next Web

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