Dash Bluetooth headphones track your workout

Bragi Dash Bluetooth headphones

Bragi Dash Bluetooth headphones

Imagine a pair of wireless headphones that has more to offer than just blasting music to your ears. A Kickstarter campaign is pushing to fund such a gadget.

The Dash Bluetooth headphones connects to any mobile device wirelessly. Not only it can play your music, but it also boasts a wide array of cool features. For one, it has a built-in 4GB storage that can save up to 1,000 songs.

Designed and created by Munich-based company Bragi, Dash Bluetooth headphones also works as a wireless headset, featuring an embedded microphone that picks up the vibrations your ear bone generates as you talk.

It can also keep track of your workout with its multiple sensors, thermometer, and accelerometer integrated into the device. These headphones track your pace, steps, cadence, and distance traveled during your workout. The guys at Bragi even claim that the device can measure heart rate and oxygen saturation.

Bragi Dash wireless earphones

Users control the headphones with a series of touch gestures. The left earphone controls the fitness options. Tapping or swiping the left earbud allows you to select, start or stop a workout, as well as checking your current health levels. Meanwhile, the right earphone controls sound options, wherein taps and swipes switches between playlists, plays and pauses music, and takes phone calls.

The campaign has since raised over $2.2 million on Kickstarter as of this posting, fulfilling its $260,000 goal many times over. Interested backers have 36 days to place their pledges on the Dash Bluetooth headphones for as little as $199, a hundred dollars off its suggested retail price.

Source: Mashable

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