Das Keyboard Model S- The Silent Mechanical Keyboard

Many people like to use mechanical keyboards for their responsive features and better tactile feedback. These high-performance keyboards are a tad bit on a higher level than those generic computer keyboards you may have with your current PC setup. Who likes to use them? They are usually gamers, serious programmers and high-speed typists who like speed in accuracy when they type on the keyboard. However, a common issue with mechanical keyboards is that they are a bit noisy with those clicking sounds of the physical switches on each key. It is a good thing that there is now a quiet option available with mechanical keyboards like the Das Keyboard Model S.

The Das Keyboard Model S Professional is a mechanical keyboard that works silently. While most mechanical keyboards come with that distinct clicking sound on every keystroke, this one works quietly. It still offers the same tactile feel popular with most mechanical keyboards. It only does it without the clicking sound. Each key features Cherry MX Red mechanical switches with gold contacts. This allows for an ultra-quiet feedback for a mechanical keyboard. It can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes.

The Das Keyboard Model S Professional also comes with an energy-saving instant sleep function to put the computer to sleep when taking a long break. This quiet mechanical keyboard also comes with a high-speed USB 2.0 hub, a 2-meter cable with 2 USB connectors and an external PS/2 adapter. The Das Keyboard Model S is available at Das Keyboard for US$149.

Image Source: Das Keyboard

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