Dane Elec Z Pen Digital Pen

Almost everything is now going the digital way, even our handwriting. With data digitized here and there, there seems to be a need to have those little notes and scribbles we make on paper properly digitized. After all, most great ideas first come out into the world in such ways. And to help keep it all convenient, there’s the Dane Elec Z Pen.

The Dane Elec Z Pen can keep track and digitize pen movements on a sheet of paper. The data is stored in a 1GB receiver unit that also stores the software needed to read the data. The digital pen uses 2 V393 batteries that can last for 75 hours. The receiver comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for 20 hours for each full charge.

The Dane Elec Z Pen is a fully functional pen that can accommodate ink refills sold at any office and school supply stores. You can consider it as a pen given some much needed touch of technology. The Dane Elec Z Pen is available at Firebox for 100 UK Pounds or around US$161.

Image Source: Dane Elec

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