Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock

Danalock Bluetooth SmartlockWith technology advancement, different aspects of life tend to become more convenient and at ease. This goes with home security as well. Typical doors in homes usually rely on conventional lock an key to keep it secure. There is also the deadbolt that can make doors even more secure. Most people may think that such locks cannot get any more sophisticated and high tech. After all, they serve their purpose quite well, so why change it? But then again, there are issues when you get locked out of your home with the key inside or you forgot to bring it with you.

The Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock is a different type of door lock that tech-savvy people may want add as part of their home security system. It is a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock that users can control using their smartphones to open and close using a free-to-download app. Users only need to use the app on their smartphone to open and close the deadbolt lock. This comes handy if ever you forget to bring the keys along.

The Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock can also be set to lock or unlock automatically. It detects your proximity with the connected smartphone and can unlock when it senses that you are within range. And for other people without smartphones, the Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock can still be opened using an ordinary key. The Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock is available at Think Geek for $160.

Image Source: Think Geek

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