Daft Punk Bluetooth Headset

Nokia Daft Punk Headset

The Daft Punk Bluetooth headset from Nokia is not your ordinary headset in many ways. First of all, it was not a product of just any design team making the usual headsets for the popular mobile phone company. It is actually a winner of a design contest that Nokia has just recently concluded.

The aim of the said contest was for competitors to design a unique headset inspired by listening to a piece of music. Ten designs garnering the most popular votes online were chosen and then were made to undergo scrutiny from a panel of music and design experts. Five of the designs were ultimately chosen and the Daft Punk Bluetooth headset was one of them.

This headset is actually called Robot Rock, after a Daft Punk track that inspired the design. It truly looks like a sleek and futuristic headset, the kind that robots would wear. The simple design lines provide an interesting yet quite unique view of what headsets may look like in the future. Winner design headsets such as the Robot Rock have the opportunity to be made into fully functional headsets by Nokia and then showcased on its various flagship stores around the world. It is not certain if they will someday become part of the Nokia product catalog.

Image Source: nokiamaheadsetdesign

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