DabKick Lets You Share Media and Chat at the Same Time

Sharing media in messaging apps is nothing new, but Balaji Krishnan finds something is missing. He wanted a way to chat with friends and family while showing them photos and video, just like in real life. As a result, Krishnan created an app that simulates a more natural method of sharing media. Introducing DabKick, an iOS app that lets you share photos, videos, and music with your contacts in real time–either through the app or on the web browser using HTML 5.

What happens with current apps is that clicking on a button or link leads you to the photo or video. As you view these files, the person at the other end of the conversation is left hanging, wondering whether you are done watching them or have just drifted away.

With DabKick, what you see on the screen is what your friend sees as well, as if you are sharing precious moments in-person. The process is like a phone call, where DabKick sends a request to your friend for them to browse images and other media content together. If your friend is not available, however, the also provides an opportunity for you to leave your friend a message and even explain the context of the images as they flip through the album.

Your DabKick-enabled friend could even comment and like your photos, thus creating an interactive experience for both parties.

The latest update, version 4.1, introduces the “Music Layer” that lets you listen to music with your friend as the two of you share photos and videos. These tunes are pulled from YouTube and free-to-stream. You can also listen to music by your lonesome as you browse through images and videos, as well as access your friend’s songs and listen to the track together.

Each user comes up with a “Dab Name” upon registration, which allows them to share and communicate within the app without having to reveal personal information. This comes especially useful in situations like talking to someone on Craigslist as you sell an item to someone else. You can show them photos of an item straight from your smartphone without having to inform them of your phone number and other private information in the process.

DabKick is now available for free on the Apple App Store.

Source: Mashable

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