Da Vinci Fountain Faucet

The best of gadgets can be the simplest of things. They don’t need to be changed. Sometimes, a simple reinvention goes a long way into making a device even more useful. This Da Vinci Fountain Faucet is just one example.

The Da Vinci Faucet from Nasoni is pure genius when you look at it. Its classic Italian-inspired design gives it an elegant look ideal for having a unique kitchen or bathroom fixture. It serves a dual purpose- use as an ordinary faucet or as a drinking water fountain. All it took was a tweak on the classic faucet design by adding a spout on top to create a water fountain when opened.

The Da Vinci Faucet features a two-way switch between using as an ordinary faucet or as a water fountain. Having this option can allow you to save up on water. The design of this unique faucet allows users to save up on at least 88 percent of water usage

The Nasoni Da Vinci Fountain Faucet is available at Amazon.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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