Czur Scanner

Czur ScannerScanners we have today can still be quite slow to use. The different types available can take precious seconds to scan one page. If you have hundreds of pages to scan, then you will have a problem indeed. This Czur Scanner may help resolve that problem once it get out in the market.
the Czur(pronounced as Caesar)Scanner, is being promoted as the world’s fastest scanner. Its design makes this possible. Users only need to place a page or a book under the scanner to have it scanned. The built-in camera will capture a digital copy of any document in less than a second. Powerful imaging capabilities and creative algorithms can correct for flattening curves and edge cutting such as when you scan bound documents like books.
Not only that, the Czur Scanner can also be very versatile. People can also use it as a video presenter to project presentation documents in 1080p quality. With its powerful LED lighting system, the Czur can even be used as a unique desk lamp, thanks to its unique design.
The Czur Scanner is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. If you are interested of getting one, a pledge of $189 on their Indiegogo page will do it. Once it comes out sometime after January of next year, this smart scanner is expected to retail at around $379.
Image Source: Indiegogo

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