Cybook Gen3 New Edition

Cybook Gen3

Although the Cybook Gen3 e-reader has been available for sometime now. But it seems that the previous offering were not up to most e-reader user standards. The makers of this e-reader has taken this into consideration and has come up with a new edition Cybook Gen3.

So what does this new edition of the Cybook Gen3 e-reader different? First of all, the new edition Cybook Gen3 has a new firmware. The original Cybook Gen3 was seen to suffer from several bugs and glitches that may have hampered their good use. The new upgraded firmware was introduced to fix up the original e-reader’s shortcomings.

The new firmware upgrade offers the e-reader more stability as well as a better functioning button interface. The new firmware for the new edition Cybook Gen3 also gives the e-reader a longer battery life. The new firmware for the new edition e-reader can also be used as an upgrade to users of the original Cybook Gen3.

The new edition of the Cybook Gen3 also is equipped with a bigger internal memory. The new edition Cybook Gen3 now has 512 Mb worth of data storage flash memory apart from the 16 MB RAM. This new edition would surely be a better version of the original.

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