Cybertecture Mirror

Mirrors may be considered by many to be a vanity device. After all, it is where people look after themselves. It seems that mirrors may not have any more functions other than this. But technology may change that with the new Cybertecture Mirror.

The Cybertecture Mirror works more than just providing a reflection of you. It also works as a unique digital and interactive device that allows you to do a variety of things an ordinary mirror just can’t do. It features a touchscreen reflective surface display that can also act as an entertainment, information hub in the home. You can surf through the Web, watch your favorite shows, monitor your health and do many other things via the Cybertecture Mirror. It is quite a unique household device that may be unlike any other mirror out there. The Cybertecture Mirror will be available for pre-orders in December. It is expected to cost around US$7,773, quite expensive to be just an ordinary mirror.

Image Source: Cybertecture Mirror

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