CTRL ONE Light Adapting LCD Sunglasses

ctrl oneEyewear is mainly designed to either to enhance vision or protect the eyes. The coolness factor is secondary but is also a must. But the main thing is that the eyewear you use should help make you see clearly or protect it from the harsh element. The new CTRL ONE Light Adapting LCD Sunglasses may just help you do that with a bit of help from new technology.

The CTRL ONE Light Adapting LCD Sunglasses enables users to switch from different tints to adapt to the current light conditions within one’s surroundings. It does this quite fast and on the automatic. Tints of the CTRL ONE switches as fast as 0.1 second between each tint. This special pair of sunglasses is fitted with electronic Tint-On-Demand or e-Tint technology used in the military. Users can set it to change and adapt to lighting conditions automatically with its built-in sensor. They can also manually switch to the three different tints when they need to.

The CTRL ONE Light Adapting LCD Sunglasses also comes with bulletproof lenses for maximum impact resistance. The nose and temple pads are adjustable to give the wearer a comfortable fit. A prescription lens add-on is also available to further enhance vision. The CTRL ONE Light Adapting LCD Sunglasses is designed primarily for use by professional cyclists who are always looking for the best eyewear available to help them perform at their best.

The CTRL ONE Light Adapting LCD Sunglasses is ideal especially when cyclists experience a drastic change in lighting conditions such as when going inside tunnels. And with its automated features, cyclists never have to remove their hands from the handlebar when they need to change tints. Not only for cyclists, the CTRL ONE is also for people who like to enjoy and experience a better view of the world along with its changing lighting conditions.

The CTRL ONE Light Adapting LCD Sunglasses is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. A pledge of $165 will get you one, about 40 percent cheaper than its expected retail price when it comes out. Expected delivery of the first batch is set around November of this year.
Image Source: Indiegogo

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