The Cryptex USB Flash Drive

The Cryptex USB Flash DriveCopying digital files has become quite convenient nowadays. But along with this, it can also be easy to steal and spread these same files. Privacy becomes an issue especially when dealing with sensitive data and information. If you wish to safeguard files you record into your flash drive, the Cryptex USB Flash Drive may be a good option.

The Cryptex USB Flash Drive offers a unique way to safeguard your digital files. It makes use of a classic way to open a flash drive before using- by employing a cryptex. Open this flash drive by knowing the code comprised of a combination of rotating rings with digits. Know the right number sequence in order to open the cylinder that houses the drive, which is also big enough to fit a message written on a small piece of paper.

Made of metal and bonded leather, the Cryptex USB Flash Drive easily attaches to a keychain. It contains a 16GB flash memory and is great as a gift idea. The Cryptex USB Flash Drive is available at Smart Decisions International for 40 Euros or around $49.

Image Source: Smart Decisions International

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