CrunchGear Calls Dell's Latest Laptop a Copycat

CrunchGear has bravely called the newly-released Dell XPS 15z (left) as “a blatant MacBook Pro ripoff,” claiming that the new laptop has a lot of similarities with the MacBook Pro’s (right) iconic design, including what it claims as the bad parts.

“It’s like Dell looked over Apple’s shoulder and copied everything, then changed a few answers so it would be so obvious,” Matt Burns wrote.

The blog pointed out the so-called obvious similarities, such as the resessed backlit keyboard with color contrasting keys and two rectangular speaker grills on each side, as well as how most of the ports line up in a row beside the audio input, and how two USB ports are placed right next to each other, which makes it difficult to plug in dongles or flash drives along side cables.

But with the Dell XPS 15z starting at US$999, consumers would not care about which copied which.

Source: CrunchGear

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