Crossword Dungeon iOS Game App

When it comes to games apps, it seems that quite a number of them are simply just trying to capitalize on proven formulas in order to become popular. Once a certain type of game becomes popular among gamers, many game developers try to just follow a similar formula. This may be a safer option to become popular themselves. But it also kills innovation. That is why when unique game apps like the Crossword Dungeon for iOS devices come up, they are always worth a second look.

The Crossword Dungeon iOS game app is a unique take on the classic crossword puzzle game. Since the classic game will not necessarily make it in the fun department when played as a game app, its developer thought of a unique way to make it fit into the engaging game app world. In this game, the crossword becomes a dungeon.

In the Crossword Dungeon iOS game app, players become one of three characters inside the dungeon finding riches and glory. The puzzle becomes a maze through which the character needs to find its way by solving the crossword puzzle in order to move ahead. Players need to guess the right letter for each box correctly to instantly get rid of each enemy. If not, players need to do battle with the monsters and risk some combat damage.

Players can choose from three characters- the Barbarian, the Ranger and the Scoundrel. Each one has his own special characteristics that may prove useful in the game. The puzzles start out as simple words to solve that gets more and more difficult the deeper the level one gets to. Crossword Dungeon offers a unique game concept, which might be worth trying out for those who are not just satisfied with playing the usual stuff. It is available at the App Store for a US$2 download.

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