Credit Karma

A good credit rating is now a valuable asset today for a lot of people. It allows you to gain access to credit lines that you would not otherwise enjoy if you take your credit score for granted. Unfortunately, most people just do not know what affects their credit score and maintain its good status. With the Credit Karma app, that will not be as complicated anymore.

The Credit Karma app is a useful tool for people who wish to maintain and improve their credit rating. The app helps by providing users free access to their credit scores. By logging in to the app, people can also closely look into their credit profile and discover what goes into their credit score. Through the app, users can also get important credit monitoring updates, get personalized recommendations to qualify for lower interest rates and even how to avail of better credit card rewards.

The Credit Karma app can do more than just help you with your credit scores. It can also help you file your State and Federal income tax return for free from start to finish through the Credit Karma Tax tool. It also comes with dedicated support and helps users with audit defense.  The app can search through State databases to look for unclaimed money under your name.  That is money that you might not have known you’ve had waiting for refund if not for the app. The Credit Karma app is available for free download at the Apple App Store.

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