Credit Card Lightbulb: Convenient emergency lamp

Credit Card Lightbulb

Credit Card Lightbulb

Emergency lamps have become more convenient over time. In fact, some of them can be so small they fit perfectly in your wallet.

This is what the Credit Card Lightbulb is going for. Sized a bit thicker than a normal credit card, this nifty gadget casts a glowing light by pushing the incandescent bulb cutout vertically. The rest of the card serves as the lamp’s stand. The LED light in it may not be xenon-like quality, but it is good enough to see your way into the dark path.

Credit Card Lightbulb

This gadget also makes a good alternative to candles that may pose risk of burning your home when left unattended. It also makes an efficient closet light.

The Credit Card Lightbulb is available online for $5 a pop. It also comes with a two-pack bundle for $7.50. Batteries are included.

Source: Thinkgeek

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