Creative Zen V Plus

The Creative Zen V Plus is one of the best MP3 Players out there given its specifications and wide array of features.

With the advent of smartphones, it seems that audio gizmos are not a fad anymore. But if you are going to take a look at it, they are not as old as a thing of the past. That is most particularly if you are talking about the Creative Zen V Plus.

The great thing about this digital audio player is that it innovates itself to cater the needs of every user out there. This audio device has an integrated flash memory of about 4 gigabytes and has an operating software that ranges from Creative MediaSource, Creative Media Explorer, to the Creative ZENcast Organizer.

Additionally, it has an OLED built-in display and a resolution of about 128 x 128. It also has a stereo, a built-in alarm digital clock complete with an alarm and a timer. It even has extended features like a calendar, built-in organizer, voice recording, upgradeable firmware and Microsoft Office Outlook.

For its video, it can support JPEG files for its still images. It also has playback modes for its audio and can support audio files ranging from MP3, WMA, ADPCM, WMA DRM. For its connectivity, it has one external mini-USB Type B.

But if you want to go for its stereo, it has a digital radio tuner with 32 preset FM stations. Also, it has several playback modes, a response bandwidth that goes up to 2 to 2000 hertz and a support bi rate of about 320 kilobytes per second.

It also has a microphone and a set of headphones. Among its accessories, it includes a pouch and a lanyard. The dimensions of the Creative Zen Plus is 1.7 inches x 0.6 inches x 2.7 inches. It weighs at around 1.6 ounces and costs at about $115.00. It is available on online shops like or in

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