Creative Labs Aurvana In Ear 2

There are ordinary earphones and there are special ones. It all depends on the level of sound quality you expect or wish for. If you belong in the category of people who likes their earphones offering exquisite audio quality, then earphones like the Creative Labs Aurvana In Ear 2 will come to mind.

The new Aurvana In Ear 2 from Creative Labs is the next installment for the award winning Aurvana In Ear. This time, this handy earphones sport both great performance and aesthetics. It features a precise balanced armature to deliver a smoother, clearer and more detailed sound presentation to users.

Its AuraSeal in-ear design provides ambient noise isolation features for up to 95 percent. The ear bud cushions are accurately contoured to fit well into your ears and prevent sound leakage that may affect bass reproduction. The Creative Labs Aurvana In Ear 2 comes in a complete kit which includes a cleaning tool, airplane adapter as well as ear tips of different sizes for your convenience. The Creative Labs Aurvana In Ear 2 earphones is available at the Creative Store for US$100.

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