Create Some Wall Art With B&O BeoSound Shape Speakers

Most speakers are generally considered as an audio device. People choose them for the level of quality sound they provide. You put them in one area of the room and you do not think anything more about them. But what if you can make them as part of the room decor? That is what the new BeoSound Shape Speakers from Bang and Olufsen aim to offer.

The B&O BeoSound Shape Speakers are quite unlike any speaker you’ve used before. It is designed to be modular to make it versatile for different uses. It is a wireless speaker system that will allow users to add multiple speakers when needed. It is designed to be visually elegant as it is functional. The wall mounted speakers can be arranged in a way that will make it look like an art installation. It also literally is a “wall of sound”.

Not only that, the B&O BeoSound Shape Speakers also comes with BeoSound Core hub that allows AirPlay, Chromecast and Bluetooth streaming for a convenient wireless set up. Users can also set up multi speakers in different rooms and connect them all to get a multi-room audio system. The B&O BeoSound Shape Speakers is expected to be available in August of this year at different specifications. But mind you, it will not be cheap as the standard setup is expected to cost you around 3,400 UK Pounds. That’s around US$4,245.

Image Source: Bang & Olufsen

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