Crazy Taxi iOS Game App

There are classic games that people can’t just get enough of. They just have that kind of gameplay that even many players today can still enjoy and find exciting. One of such games is Crazy Taxi, which is now made available for iOS devices.

The Crazy Taxi iOS game app is one of the recent game apps from Sega and was once a popular game for the Dreamcast console. It has now been reintroduced for play on iOS devices which makes this classic game relevant again for many current mobile gamers who may not have the chance to play it before.

Crazy Taxi is a fun game where players get to be a crazy taxi driver transporting people from one place to another as the main objective. Traffic rules go down the drain in order to get people to their destination in the fastest way possible. This is where the fun element comes in.  Every minute counts as players go through packed traffic, a variety of road obstacles and using some wild and crazy driving to get people to where they want to be, whether they get crazy or not. Game controls have been updated for the touchscreen devices with touch or tilt control modes. There are 16 Mini games to play as well as a choice between Original and Arcade Mode when playing. The Crazy Taxi iOS game app is available at the App Store for a $3 download.

Image Source: App Store

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