Craving for the ATI FirePro M5800

ATI FirePro M5800 graphics accelerator

There were photos leaked around the web featuring the ATI FirePro M5800 graphics accelerator, and you can tell that everybody is going nuts about it. Blame it on the teaser photos. The initial specs blown out were said to be very huge. It seems like HP turned a new leaf for a fresh new look and reputation on the new  Elitebooks. This is by far one of the most coolest gadgets to surface the tech world, so brace yourselves because it’s going to be huge!

Limited information is leaked out, and the only detail available about the  ATI FirePro M5800 is the name itself. However, we can come up with solid assumptions on what ATI FirePro M5800 has to offer, and we’re very positive that something special is about to shower upon us. First of all, this card will definitely become a component of ATI’s new workstation-class graphics line for notebooks. It is predicted that it will be equal or can be better than Nvidia’s Quadro FX1800M/GeForce GT335M graphics cards. So you can now expect more from the ATI FirePro M5800.

Other gadget blogs explained that the M5800 will be incorporated with HP’s Elitebook mobile workstation notebooks. The ATI FirePro M5800 workstation card is likely to be traced from its ATI Mobility Radeon 5830 or 5850 consumer-counterpart and is packed with 1 GB of DDR3/GDDR5 graphics memory. If you happen to have a close encounter with HP’s new Elitebook 8440p/w and 8540w, you’ll probably say that the M5800 is expected to offer more than what is anticipated. The ATI FirePro M5800 also promises an excellent graphics from ATI. But I would suggest everyone to prepare, hold their grips and be ready to be stunned for the birth of another ground-breaking cool gadget.

Source:  Engadget

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