Cravendale Milk Jug

Drinking milk is an important habit to have daily. That is why having fresh milk on the table is always a given for those who look after their health. But sometimes, stored milk can easily stay around for days. It might be difficult to know if they have already gone sour unless one takes a taste of it, which is what many would want to avoid.

It is a good thing that there is now something that can help people know whether that milk stored in their fridge has already gone sour without having to take a sip of it. The new Cravendale Milk Jug is anything but ordinary. It is an innovative milk jug that can tell users if their milk has already gone sour. There is a unique pH sensor located at the base of the jug that measures the acidity of the jug’s contents and provides the update on an LCD display on the jug. The screen may display either "Fresh" or "Sour" to help users gauge the drinkability of the milk. There’s no news on when the Cravendale Milk Jug might be available on the market or how much it will cost.

Image Source: Cravendale Milk Matters

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