Cranberry DiamonDisc Promises to Last for 1,000 Years

Cranberry DiamonDisc long-lasting storage media disc

People are beginning to discover that the files stored in DVDs lasts for only a few years.  Even the Library of Congress has warned the public about the short life span of compact discs and DVDs, urging them not to use them in storing digital data because they may become obsolete and damaged in the future.  Several companies have been trumpeting that they have the solution, but the problem is that those solutions have yet to see the light of availability.

Fortunately, one company brags that they can store your digital data like family photos or reunion videos for up to 1,000 years and it is available today.  The Cranberry DiamonDisc is just like any ordinary DVD, but with a synthetic stone disc layer instead of the traditional dye, adhesive, or reflective layers.  Not only these discs can store data up to 4.7GB almost permanently through time, the company also claims that these storage discs can withstand up to 176-degree Fahrenheit heat as well as UV rays that would have destroyed your precious DVDs.  It is also backwards-compatible, so you do not have to worry about buying a separate player.

The Cranberry DiamonDisc is available on its online site for US$34.95 each.  Special packages are also available.

Image source:  Cranberry

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