Crabby Writer- Phonics Read and Write iOS App

Not all game apps for phones are designed just for adults to have fun. Even kids can have fun playing with them. For parents who even wish to use game apps to teach their kids improve their reading skills, the Crabby Writer- Phonics Read and Write iOS app may be just the thing to download on that iOS device.

The Crabby Writer- Phonics Read and Write iOS App is a fun app that teaches kids to learn reading and writing in a fun way. The app provides various games which can teach children how to spell, read and write as well. While playing the game, kids can have fun writing in sand, collect sea shells and decorate sand castles as the environment is set at a beautiful beach. It is not usually the place for kids to learn how to read and write, but the beach just adds that fun element that keeps kids interested in playing the games and learn to improve their reading skills along the way. The Crabby Writer iOS app is available at the App Store for a $3 download.

Image Source: App Store

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