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Cozmo, The Playful Robot With Personality

playful robot

playful robotRobotics has advanced in so many ways today. No longer are they just machines that you can control. There are now playful robot companions that are not only intelligent but also has a personality. One such example is the playful Cozmo robot from Anki.

Anki’s Cozmo is not just your typical robot that moves. Nope, the makers have called it the robot with personality. That is because Cozmo is a robot with a supercomputer for a brain. But more than that, what makes Cozmo special is that it is a robot with personality. It laughs, gets moody, frustrated, and can display a whole lot of other emotions that makes it act more like a friend rather than simply a robot. It comes with artificial intelligence technology that allows it to learn as it goes. It is not content with what it already knows and can do.

Cozmo can actually explore, discover, and learn. It can even devise plans to allow it to win at games with you. Its display screen for a face can also be quite expressive ┬ábased on the emotions it wants to convey. It can even get cranky when users do not give it some attention. It can also learn how its owner’s personality and develops emotional expression based on what it learns from its owner. And with that, Cozmo is, in no way, just a toy, even though you can play with it. If you are interested of having Cozmo as a friend, it is currently available for pre-order at Amazon for $180. Before you do get one, you need to know that Cozmo requires an Android or iPhone along with a free downloadable app. The new batch of robots will be available by the last week of this month.

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