Cowon S9 Curve

The good thing about the Cowon S9 Curve is that it may be the next iPod in the market. Cowon, a Korean company, is one of the reliable manufacturers out there when it comes to portable video and audio. It has released other cool gizmos like the O2 and the L3.

Since it is an MPEG-4 player, the Cowon S9 Curve is one of the many players out there that can equate with the likes of iriver or Creative. This comes especially with its great features and specifications. Also, model differs from each other regarding their storage capacity: 4 GB, 8GB and 16 GB.

The good thing about its features is that they are aplenty. The same thing is for its specifications. Moreover, what is even more delightful is the fact that they are there for convenience. So apparently they are not that nonsensical.

Key features and specifications of this gadget include 480 x 272, 16 million color, T-DMB/Bluetooth, 3.3" AMOLED Display, 500 megahertz Dual Core CPU, Dynamic Dictionary, Filter Effect (BBE + EQ) and 40 hours Music Playback

In addition to all of these, it is capable of supporting document, music, movie and picture files.Best thing about this, there is no need to wait for its release. It was launched recently by Cowon recently and costs at least $299.

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