Cowon Q5W Portable Video Player

Cowon Q5W

If you are looking for a good portable Wi-Fi player, the Cowon Q5W offers users features that make it an exciting find. The Cowon Q5W offers wireless connectivity as well as a wide range of entertainment options in a device that can fit into your pocket. It is one of those new gadgets that once you own, you would never even think of leaving your home without it.

The Cowon Q5W offers quite an interesting mix of features that allow it to become a handy player everywhere you go. With its Wireless LAN capability and Wireless Internet features, you can start exploring the world from your pocket. Its 5-inch 16 million color LCD screen becomes your window to a world that is worth exploring. Its enhanced video features allow you to enjoy movies with great picture quality in such a portable and powerful device.

This gadget is also featured with Bluetooth Technology that allows you wireless convenience when listening to music. The Cowon Q5W becomes a wireless portable audio player that can deliver rich audio sound through your earphones. It is also a voice enabled online messenger that allows you to chat with friends with enhanced talk quality through wired headsets. You can also surf through the Internet along the way wherever you can have Wi-Fi connectivity in your area.

The Touch Screen Technology feature and its Wing Click GUI allow you added convenience when using the different features of the device. It is equipped with simple and easy to understand controls that allow you access menus on the screen and flip through each one effortlessly.

Connectivity features allow the Cowon Q5W it be integrated with other gadgets such as the TV. And with a USB slot, you may also use it to back up files from other devices such as your digital cameras and transfer mp3 files from your mp3 player. Other added features that the Cowon Q5W provides make it an interesting portable media player (and more) worth discovering.

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