Cowon O2 Portable Media Player

Cowon O2

The Cowon O2 PMP is one of the coolest and newest gizmos around. Released in North America, it has been dubbed as an alternative to Apple’s iPod Touch. It has an excellent touchscreen that comes in 4.3 inches and a pixel resolution of 480 x 270.

There are three kinds of models available for this amazing gadget: the 8 gigabytes, the 16 gigabytes and the 32 gigabytes. Both are capable of playing a variety of video, audio and image formats. It is the best thing, or probably, the best next thing that you may want to have.

It can play the audio-visual entertainment that you have, from television shows to movies. It has a touch sensitive interface, a built-in internal microphone and voice recorder, stereo speakers, and even a supporting composite TV out cable. The video playback feature has a maximum of 8 hours. For the audio playback, on the other hand, it has a maximum of 18 hours.

The 32-gigabyte Cowon O2 PMP is available online for a price of $299.99. Its 16-gigabyte and 8-gigabyte cousins, on the other hand, costs $249.99 and $219.99, respectively. It comes in three colors: black, pink and white.

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