Cowboy Jed Android Game App

Fighting zombies has become a standard procedure among many game apps today. There are quite a number of them now available for many zombie slayers to try out. One of them is the Cowboy Jed Android game app.

Cowboy Jed Android game app is a zombie defense game where players take on zombies as the gunslinger Cowboy Jed. Armed with a jet pack, Cowboy Jed tries to prevent the assault of zombies all coming at him from three levels that he has to guard. Players start with using standard weapons for Cowboy Jed that can be upgraded as money is collected every time he slays those zombies. There are also 18 other weapon choices and upgrades that help Cowboy Jed control the zombie onslaught.

Cowboy Jed Android game app may have some similarities to the wildly popular Plants Vs Zombies game app in terms of gameplay. But this time it uses a game character that players can control along with different types of weapons that players can plant over the path to control the different types of zombies coming to get at Cowboy Jed. This game app from Android is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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