Cow USB Heated Slippers

Cow USB Heated Slippers

Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate this time of the year than to spend cash on affordable yet thoughtful gifts, such as the Cow USB Heated Slippers. These slippers will keep you and your partner’s twinkies nice and warm in time for the holidays.

This cute plug and utilize one-of-a-kind slippers can be used through a USB port to heat it up. It is a very uncomplicated device. Plus, it is also very hassle-free because it has a separated cable design. Meaning, you can wear these slippers freely without worrying about the cables getting in your path.

Granted, this cow’s head-inspired slippers would be a great find, but then again, would you really want your feet to be tethered to a USB? Once you get over the weird idea, then I guess you’re ready to try this one.

For a cheap stint of $50, you can get two pairs meant for a male and a female.

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