Could Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse be the Touchy and Flat Device?

Remember the “touchy and flat” device that Microsoft has been teasing us? Engadget has unearthed from a German gadget website the most possible answer.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse has an adjustable arch for a more comfortable use and even features touch-based scrolling, in contrast to traditional scroll wheels of more recent computer mice. It can also be flattened for easy transport. Other features include a battery indicator, the ability to track on virtually any surface (thanks to BlueTrack technology), and a 2.4GHz nano transceiver that plugs into a laptop’s USB port. This means that the mouse can be used wirelessly. The computer mouse is made from glossy plastic, metal, and rubberized material for the arching palm rest.

It will be available soon in the United States at a rumored price of US$69.95, although people who are in Germany can already have their very own Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse for only €69.99, almost a euro more than Apple’s Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad sells for in there.

Source: Engadget, via DailyTech

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