Cost of iPad Parts Revealed

According to iSuppli, the US$499 iPad consists of components that add up to a total value of $260 per 16GB unit.

CrunchGear breaks it down for all of us:

* Touchscreen – $95
* Apple A4 CPU – $26.80
* 16GB flash storage – $29.50
* Aluminum rear panel – $26.80
* Broadcom Bluetooth, WiFi chip – $8.05
* TI controller chip – $1.80
* Ciruss Logic audio chip – $1.2

Replace the flash storage with a $59 32GB chip or a 64GB chip at $118 and you have an idea how other models cost.

Of course, pricing the iPad by almost double its total components cost would cover labor, development, software, and marketing. It’s not an issue, really, but we know other tablets that can deliver more than what the iPad can offer.

Source: BusinessWeek

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