Cosmopolitan Sex Position of the Day Comes as a Smartphone App

Integrating sex on smartphone apps can be tricky. While the Apple App Store strikes out sex-related apps in general, even as mild as having boobs shake as the phone moves, the Android is pretty much “open country.” This is why Cosmopolitan magazine has no problem having its latest phone application included among the growing list of Android apps.

The cheekily-titled “Cosmopolitan Sex Position of the Day” features cartoonic, decent renditions of sex positions that couples can try on. Each position has a Carnal Challenge Rating, displaying the rate of difficulty of every position, as well as helpful hints and colorful illustrations to give you an idea how the position works.

The only setback users need to know is that it does not have password protection, especially for parents who are living with kids to play with their moms’ phones.

Users of the iOS phones, meanwhile, can also rejoice because the app is also available on the iPhone, costing US$2.99.

Source: MobileCrunch

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