Corsair Flash Padlock 2

Digital data has become quite a valuable resource nowadays. More and more sensitive information are being passed along the digital highway which also puts them at risk of being stolen or abused. That is why digital data security has also become an important issue for businesses and companies nowadays.

For those concerned about digital data security, the Corsair Flash Padlock 2 may be quite useful indeed. It is not just an ordinary USB flash drive. It contains several security features that allow users to keep sensitive digital information safer and more secure.

The Corsair Flash Padlock 2 is equipped with 256-bit hardware data encryption that secures data from being stolen. Not only that, this secure flash drive features using a 4 to 10 digit PIN for a more secure access to its contents. It is also quite hack-proof since the device automatically locks for 2 minutes with repeated attempts to gain unwanted access to the data. In case the PIN is forgotten the Corsair Flash Padlock 2 can be reset to its default state while erasing all the data it contains for added security. The Corsair Flash Padlock 2 is available in 8GB drives for US$50 at Amazon.

Image Source: Corsair

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