CoPilot Live GPS for iPhone on Sale

CoPilot Live GPS for iPhone on Sale

ALK’s Co Pilot is one of the cheaper navigation apps at the iTunes App Store at $34.99.

But for this Holiday weekend, ALK is offering the CoPilot for the bargain price of $19.99.

CoPilot Live gives you a complete turn-by-turn navigation for US and Canada. It features text-to-speech, address book integration, tap-to-call POI listings, and easy transition between different modes of travel.

Unfortunately, it still does not have real-time traffic information, although it appears that it will be on the soon-to-be included list of features. The good news is that futures updates will cost you nothing, but you’re going to have to pay up for premium services like traffic.

Still, even without the real-time traffic option, 20 bucks for a full-featured navigation up is tough to pass up on, what with its closest competitors selling for more than double the price.

Source: CNET

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