Copia E-Readers Come Cheap in Time for the Holidays

The release of Copia e-book readers from DMC Worldwide may have been delayed, but that does not mean it got cold feet before they come out to the market. Reports now say that a suite of Copia e-readers will become available this fall, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

This will probably include the US$99 Wave 5 with its 5-inch LCD screen, the $129 7-inch Wave 7, the $299 Ocean Color with its 10-inch display, and several e-ink models that start at $49. Given that some models have LCD screens, expect its battery life to become shorter than that of the more expensive Kindle.

The price list makes these e-readers enticing, no? Why not begin saving up for those as you check out particular specs at the source link.

Source: Copia, via Engadget

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