Copenhagen Wheel: Turn any bike into electric hybrid

Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen Wheel

Nearly four years after it was first introduced during the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Copenhagen Wheel finally has pricing and availability date. Superpedestrian, a startup company based in Boston, has announced its pre-order details, which is now open.

This MIT-backed project looks like an ordinary bicycle wheel with a big red disc, but put it as a rear wheel on any bicycle and the two-wheeled vehicle becomes an electric hybrid bike that can cruise on its own at 20 miles per hour even if you stop pedaling. Of course, you still need to pedal for the Copenhagen Wheel to generate energy. The red disc is actually where the removable battery is housed, and it can be removed to be fitted into any standard 26-inch bicycle wheel.

Copenhagen Wheel

The wheel alone can last for a good 30 miles on a single charge, and can be recharged using a 48-volt battery. Unlike other electric bicycles, the rider no longer has to adjust their pedaling speed using a throttle or button; they simply have to pedal faster. The gadget will even provide additional power whenever needed, like uphill climbs, and it locks on its own as you walk away. The device also works with a compatible mobile app, which takes tabs on your distance and calories burned.

Superpedestrian now accepts pre-orders for the Copenhagen Wheel, with an introductory price of $699. There is also a developer version for those interested to create apps that work with the wheel for the same price. Shipping begins on Spring 2014.

Source: Engadget

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