The Copenhagen Wheel Transforms Ordinary Bikes Into An Electric Hybrid

Copenhagen WheelPeople nowadays are becoming more sensitive to the environment. They are feeling the effects of pollution and the consequences of neglecting the environment for the longest time. Because of this people are becoming more aware that there is a need to take care of Mother Nature. Any contribution can matter a lot.

One of the areas where people can make a lasting impression in protecting the environment is in transportation. Most of the vehicles people use today still contribute a lot to air pollution due to the use of fossil fuels. It helps when people start to use more environment-friendly alternatives. For longer distances, there are now electric cars available. For short distances, using a bike will do. For something mid-range, a bike fixed with the new and innovative Copenhagen Wheel can be something worth trying.

The Copenhagen Wheel is an innovative device that can convert your ordinary bike into an electric hybrid. You only replace the back wheel of your bike with the Copenhagen Wheel. It is a unique and convenient way to make your ordinary bike go longer distances with the help of an electric motor built-in inside the Copenhagen Wheel. This motor provides some much needed power assist when you need it when pedaling a bike. It measures your effort when pedaling and provides added power when you need it. Going up hills and inclines just became easier with your bike equipped with the Copenhagen Wheel. But it does more than just that.

The Copenhagen Wheel also connects wirelessly to your smartphone equipped with an app that will help you monitor your activity such as distance traveled, calories burned and other related data. You can also use the mobile app to lock and unlock the wheel for security. The Copenhagen wheel also features a built-in lithium battery that recharges as you go as well as store the energy you create when braking. The device also comes with sensors that make it able to measure your pedaling effort as well as keep track of other data to make your biking experience even better. Having the Copenhagen Wheel will now help give you a reason to bike more. You can pre-order one for $799 at Superpedestrian. Expect your Copenhagen Wheel to ship sometime in spring of next year of you plan to get one now.

Image Source: Superpedestrian

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