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Either some people just haven’t found an outlet to channel their brilliance or they just happen to have a lot of spare time (and a really creative brain). Either way some people come up with the coolest – albeit strange – designs for just about anything – even their mouse. Who would have thought there so much you can do to such a small tool. Here are some of the coolest mouse mod designs:

NES Controller Optical Mouse

For those who just can’t get enough of Nintendo, here’s something for you. Created from an optical mouse and a Nintendo controller. You can also make use of the buttons – you know the "A" and "B" buttons – to ‘click’ on something, links, icons, etc. And yes, you need not exclude the scroll wheel of your optical mouse. This Nes Controller Optical Mouse is designed as such that you need get rid of any normal mouse part.

PowerGlove Mouse

Here’s a really ingenious one. The powerglove mouse is made from an old Nintendo PowerGlove. According to Techeblog, this one was made after hours and hours of wiring and hacking. This new version features in game controls that are mapped to the thumb (forward motion), pointer finger (trigger), and arm (camera view). This is perfect for First Person Shooter games.

The Minty Optical Mouse

Don’t throw that empty container of Altoids yet! You can use that to make a Minty Optical Mouse. All you need is one Altoids tin, an optical mouse, dremel tools, epoxy glue, a mini-hack saw, and around 4 hours of free time. And just basically put the whole inside of the optical mouse into your Altoids tin can and cut out holes for the wires and the scroll wheel to pass through and you have a minty optical mouse.

NES Zapper Mouse

This makes us of your old school NES Mouse Gun and a nice gyration mouse. Basically, you have to change the original functionality of the Zapper which uses light detecting technology. Since the gyration mouse does all the hard work , just hack it and wire the left click of the mouse straight to the trigger of the gun. This would provide all the functionality that you would need. Simply wire the mouse to the NES Zapper, allowing for both free range motion sensing and trigger happy left-click action. It’s actually quite cool. What it lacks in looks, it makes up for functionality.

LCD Mouse Mod

We can never have enough LCDs anywhere. You will be needing a Logitech G5 laser mouse and if you have a Nokia 6610 to spare, then you’re ready to make your own. First, check how much space you can work on. Then you can start cutting out the shape for your LCD screen one you’re done with that, you can start painting. After that, it’s all a matter of wiring and testing if your screen actually work. According to the creator of the LCD Mouse Mod, the screen can only show about 1 frame per second, but that is fast enough for general statistics or showing photos.

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