Cool G108 Watch Phone

Cool G108 Watch Phone

If you are looking for more convenience when using your cell phone, why not try wearing it on your wrist? This will help free up your digits from holding up your phone while talking on the phone. Although a hands free might just do the trick for you, wearing your mobile phone on your wrist might be a better option for you.

And it is not something new. There are now gadgets like the Cool G108 that can provide you with this kind of mobile convenience. It is a new watch phone that would be a welcome and interesting option worth considering. The Cool G108 watch phone is basically a wrist watch that doubles as a mobile phone. Talk about telling the time when a friend on the phone asks about it. But there is more to this new gadget.

It may look like an ordinary wrist watch but opens up into a mobile phone that follows a clam shell design. The moving portion of the clamshell houses the phone’s 1.5 inch screen able to display 256k colors at a 128 x 60 pixel resolution. It also houses a 1.3 mega pixel camera. The other part of the clam shell is the phone’s flat design keypad. Other features include a multimedia player, Bluetooth, a built-in memory of 0.5 MB and an available expansion slot for MMS messages.



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