Cooking Master Android Game App

Cooking is an enjoyable hobby for many people. But for some young ones who love to cook but may not yet be permitted to do so, playing game apps about cooking may be the next best thing. In the Cooking Master Android Game App, players can have a fun way to cook and serve people in a restaurant.

Cooking Master Android Game App is a fun and enjoyable game where players get to run a restaurant by playing the chef preparing the food for its patrons. The patrons make orders and it is up to the player to prepare them before they run out of patience waiting for it. Controls are easy as it only requires tapping on the food to select it, tapping the frying pan to cook, tapping again to set it in a dish and finally, another tap to serve it to customers.

Playing the Cooking Master game app is just like having fun cooking for people. The game only makes it more exciting. The amazing visuals and effects enhance the experience of the players as well. Players can choose from either Casual Mode or Time Mode when playing. There are three difficulty levels available for players using Casual Mode to enjoy the game. The Cooking Master Android Game App is available at Google Play for free download.

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