How To Convert Your Smartphone Flashlight Into A Desk Light With Travel Lamp

smartphone travel lamp

smartphone travel lampSmartphones have become the pre-eminent gadget today. It has become the all-in-one device that can also do a lot of different tasks. From productivity, entertainment, and communication, today’s smartphones can do them all and more. There are now other functions smartphones today have that previous phones are not capable of doing. Accessories like the Travel Lamp can even make your smartphone more multi-functional than ever.

The Travel Lamp is a nifty smartphone accessory that can easily turn your smartphone flashlight mode into a cool night lamp. It is made of silicone material that is shaped like a small lamp and fits quite nicely into any standard-sized smartphone.  Users then only need to position the lamp on top of the phone’s LED flash and turn it on. The silicon material is then able to diffuse the LED light in every direction instead of just focusing it as a beam. The Travel Lamp gives your smartphone another useful function when you need it- as a portable night light or desk lamp to provide you with a ready light source. This unique smartphone accessory is available at Amazon for $13.

Image Source: Amazon

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